There are three guest on this program.: Robert Chavez executive director of the San Diego Urban Corps, Brenda Figueroa, program player, student service coordinator. and Zoila Ramirez a Urban Corps student. The Urban Corps is a program for 18-26 year olds that helps them achieve a high school diploma as well as job training. One of their goals is for corps members to be able to leave the program and find a job that provides a living wage. Many young people see it as their last opportunity to succeed. Brenda is very frank that one of her biggest fear is “failing again.” Students also learn conflict resolution and basic social skills. In some instances the Urban Corps provides a family for the students. In the last five years the program has achieved double their financial growth. One of their goals is to establish an office in North County. One of the biggest project was remodeling/redoing the playground at Chicano Park.

1 What is Urban Corps and what does it do? / 2 Student support and opportunities. / 3 Improving Chicano Park with the Urban Corps / 4 The future of the Urban Corps.