I’m pleased and honored to announce that my guest on “The Enrichment Hour” for Thursday, August 24th is PETER GREER, President and CEO of HOPE International. As a Christian humanitarian organization, HOPE provides empowerment, micro-finance support and savings services to the poorest of the poor in developing countries, mainly families. It also offers spiritual guidance in the Christian tradition to those who so much need an uplift of meaning in their lives.

With 2.1 billion people living on less than $3.10 per day, HOPE helps needy and deserving people on four continents: Africa (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe); Asia (three countries, including the Philippines); Eastern Europe (Moldova, Ukraine and Romania); and Latin America (Dominican Republic, Haiti and Peru).
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1 Meet Peter Greer, Pres/CEO of HOPE International - background / 2 How does Micro-finance & Financial Support Uplift the Lives of the Poor? / 3 Can Financial & Spiritual Support for the World's Poorest Build A Safer World? / 4 Should Micro-finance Extend to the Poor in Wealthier Countries?