Connected Devices Accelerator
Peggy Smedley opens the show with the latest news on M2M startup companies, which may be gaining momentum as more investors start to take notice of what connected technology can offer the world.


Breaking Down BYOD
What are the pros and cons of BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives at the enterprise level? Brian Foster, CTO of Damballa, joins the show to discuss ways to keep employees from bringing their own electronic infections into a corporate network.

The Connected Workplace
Jim Walsh, vice president and general manager of GE Intelligent Platforms, talks about how M2M and Big Data are changing the enterprise, and just how profound and rapid the change has been.

M2M on the Tennis Court
How can a connected tennis racquet help you on the court? Eric Babolat, president and CEO of Babolat, joins Peggy to discuss the Babolat Play Pure Drive, a racquet even the pros are using.