Host, Nina Woodard, President and Chief “N” Sights Officer, Nina E. Woodard & Associates
Immediate Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management


Blair Baker

Chief Technology Evangelist / CIO

1903 Solutions LLC San Diego California
Mobile: 858.431.9980 Email: Twitter: @TechsN2Execs

01: Introduction and the Economic and Global Center of Gravity Shift
Host, Ms. Nina Woodard, welcomes returning guest, Mr. Blair Baker, Chief Technology Evangelist and CIO at 1903 Solutions. With more than 30 years of multiple industry experience, Blair brings a unique business-focused technologist perspective on industry trends and the next level of computing paradigms.
Prior to joining 1903 Solutions, Blair was the CIO and Chief of Staff for CUSTOMatrix, the Senior Vice President of IT and InfoSec at LPL Financial, the VP of IT for AIG SunAmerica, and held various technical and leadership positions at the management consulting giant, Accenture. Blair received an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and currently holds ITIL, PMP, and EIT certifications.
Nina and Blair discuss future jobs, dealing with the seismic shifts in the workplace and the need to understand the interrelated factors of Global Economics, Urbanization, Technology, and Uberization. Blair answers the question: Why is this important and how does this affect non-technical professionals?

02: Global Demographics and Urbanization
Blair shares his research on global economics and how it has, and continues to, impact jobs and the world of work. Addressing the issues of systems capability and speed he shares that ALL jobs are susceptible to replacement. He looks at the shifts in job markets and the impacts of urbanization and technology on the future workplace.
03: Uberization and the Status Quo
Blair shares insights from his research about which areas will be most impacted. They share how small and medium sized businesses will also be caught in the VUCA swirl (Velocity- Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity). He shares insights into some of the areas that will be most impacted.

04: Who are the Winners? Who is at Risk?
Blair offers his thoughts and wisdom about who wins in this VUCA swirl, how individuals can be winners, and the steps a serious professional can take to increase their employability and value.
He shares his final thoughts about the need to stop and look around. What can be automated? What roles require human touch? Jobs that are more complex and require judgment and critical thinking are going to last longer and be a part of the work landscape for a longer period.
Blair indicates that no one ever fell behind studying STEM subjects and shares more information about how to create elements of employability for the future. Blair also shares that 1903 Solutions makes his consulting and needs analysis available to all size businesses at no charge. He can help educate and audit your business’s positioning and use of technology to help you and your company maintain a competitive advantage.