My guest is Manuel (Memo) Cavada a photographer from National City. That description is much to simple to tell you about this artist. Memo is a war hero, has photographed President Reagan as well as poor villagers in the small cities of Mexico. Memo shares very frank stories about his life and the many stories that made him who he is today. Memo grew up on a block that had 45 kids on it. Their parents were working so the kids more or less took care of themselves. As to be expected they got into a lot of mischief. He was a quiet person yet on graduation day he had a comment for his high school principal. While in the Air Force in Vietnam he saw a rocket that was coming towards his plane and warned his friend. They ran toward a bunker but were wounded with the rocket pieces flying in every direction. For his heroics he received a purple heart. Later as a student in Sacramento he and a friend has the opportunity to work with Ansel Adams. He has spent hours back packing in Mexico and is often at the Mercado (market place) shooting pictures at 4:30 AM. Memo has worked as a counselor on alcoholism. On August 18 he held an Photography exhibit at the National City Library. He is currently working on a book that will come out in December of 2018.

1 Growing up in Nationa City on a street with 45 kids. / 2 Memo a war hero 3 / Studying to be a photographer. The art of taking photos. / 4 Family future exhibits and a book.