1 All about Gen Z
Who is the next generation or Gen Z? Peggy answers! She digs into a recent report and research to identify who this generation is, three defining traits, and the two most universally important life goals of this generation. She identifies how this group are digital natives and want to give something back, and perhaps, most importantly, how this generation is going to change the future of work.
2 Interconnectivity of Intermodal
Peggy and Clara Hustad, director of channel marketing – business marketing, AT&T, defines intermodal and how technology will transform this industry. As one example, she points to rail, which is privately owned and owners inspect all of their track, which is impossible for humans to do alone. They dig into how technology can provide greater visibility into the supply chain.
3 The Convergence of Tech and Gen Z
Peggy and Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, talk about the younger generation and the evolution of robots, automation, and AI (artificial intelligence). He says Generation Z wants to see greater gratification and empowerment in the work they do and that they have an expectation that technology is going to be there.