1 One Healthy Industry
Peggy dives into the topic of healthcare and how telehealth is going to make healthcare easier to access. She gives several examples including digital therapeutics, which is an emerging health discipline that uses tech to supplement or replace drugs. She adds that the healthcare space is on the cusp of doing some amazing things, saying the digital health space look healthy and is not going to let up anytime soon.
2 Tech Responds to Emergencies
Peggy and Alejandro Cantú Segura, founder and CEO, SkyAlert and Harold Schapelhouman, fire chief, Menlo Park Fire District,talk about how technology can help in case of emergency. CantúSegura shares about how technology can alert to earthquakes, saying cloud computing and the IoT (Internet of Things) make it possible, while Schapelhouman shares how it is using the technology in the fire department to respond faster.
3 EQ, AQ, and IQ
Peggy and James Arthur Ray, entrepreneur, author, life, and business coach, talk about the worker of the future and why we need to define leadership and recognize emotional intelligence today. He says that EQ is far and away proven to be more predictive in both life and business than IQ. The solution is self-awareness.