Kathy Stevens
Kissing the pig
Her journey to the animals
From a closet in the woods to 150 acres and 300 animals
What is the animal sanctuary?
You and I are more like pigs and chickens
We are running out of fish
The merits of plant substitutes
Why it’s all Steve’s fault

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URL: casanctuary.org

We’re reinventing what “animal rescue” means — people think of animal rescue as helping homeless dogs and cats, or adopting a rabbit from a shelter, or opening their home to a dog who’s been rescued from what’s called a “kill shelter” in the South. Catskill Animal Sanctuary invites the world to consider that the animals MOST OF US EAT are deserving of rescue, and that we can do the greatest good not be adopting dogs and cats (which, by the way, I’ve done my whole adult life), but by removing farm animals from our plates.