Segment 1: G.I. Film Festival
Colonel Jennifer Shaar, an Advisory Committee member of the 4th Annual G.I. Film Festival, and Trevor Neuenswander, a local filmmaker whose film Hotflakes will make its world premiere at the Festival, discuss the September 25-30 Festival. Shaar chats about the importance of the Festival to the military committee, while Neuenswander talks about his film, which is nominated for three awards at the Festival.

Segment 2: Traveling Stories
Emily Moberly, Founder of Traveling Stories, discusses the mission of the organization, it’s 3rd Annual Traveling Stories Fundraising Gala and volunteer opportunities. Moberly is joined by Angie Lasagna, Vice President of Community Relations for Mission Federal Credit Union, to talk about the credit union’s support of Traveling Stories.

1 G.I. Film Festival
2 Traveling Stories