1 The Workplace of the Future
Peggy talks about how AI is disrupting industries, painting a picture of the future workplace and the future worker in an AI-driven world. She explains how AI will help healthcare, fight insurance fraud, contribute to the global economy, and how future workers are going to embrace disruptive ways of thinking.
2 Ethics Questions Answered
Peggy answers top ethics questions on the minds of listeners in a world where machines generate information, dissecting human-error vs. machine-error. She addresses: what happens to trust in an AI-driven world and if we will trust AI decisions to be fair in a decade. She points to specific examples in the medical field, for example.
3 Risk of Automation
Peggy and Derek Miller, senior research analyst, LendingTree and MagnifyMoney, talk about the risk of automation. He explains a reason we see automatable jobs is related to the growth of big data and shares which industries are going to be the most vulnerable to automation, such as administrative office workers, brokerage clerks, and more. They also dive into how automation will impact cities in the future.