We are often conditioned to think that depression is a “mental thing.” While that is true, it is also a true that many biochemical issues can be contributing to a state of depression. There are many different types of depression and being able to look at the different issues behind depression allows for not only treatment but correction of the underlying issue. A healthy brain creates a healthy system. If the brain is depressed, reactions are depressed, and other organs can even have diminished function. Current research is showing a large connection between what happens in the gut and the brain, revealing a new ways of treating depression. The microbiome, or life in our gut may be in a large part responsible for how our brain feels. Beat the blues by understanding your body. Depression can be debilitating, but it does not have to be a lifelong state. There is a logical road map one can follow to get to the end of depression. Diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes can help you change your brain.