01 Hacking Into Vehicles and Distracted Driving
Peggy Smedley discusses a law firm’s investigation into hackers attacking technology in older cars, positive effects distracted driving laws are having, and new laws and initiatives focused on younger drivers .
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02 Workplace Liability and Distracted Driving
Deb Trombley, senior program manager, National Safety Council, talks about why people still use cellphones when driving and what liability employers face if a crash involving an employee on a cellphone occurs.
03 HUD’s, Teen Drivers, and Effects of DD Efforts
Joel Feldman, founder, EndDD.org, gives his thoughts on heads-up-displays for vehicles and tells of what teens are saying to him regarding distracted driving by their parents.
04 Dangers For Teens Behind the Wheel
Tim Hollister, author, “Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving,” explains why he believes “there is no such thing as a safe teen driver” and what parents should be concerned with. br> www.nsfteendriving.com