The guest today is Dr. Ricardo Griswold de Castillo a former Chicano studies professor, an author, and an activist. Ricardo is the founder and chairperson for the Chicano archives at San Diego State University. Ricardo speaks of the difference between Cinco de Mayo and the Real Mexican Independence day (Sept 16.) Sept 16 is when Padre Hidalgo led the cry for independence for Mexico. Mexico was under the control of Spanish. Ricardo will discuss the many books he has authored and co authored on both Mexicans and Chicanos. The Chicano archives are at the library at SDSU and hold an extensive collection of Chicano history and the Chicano movement. He discussed donation of the papers of Gracia Molina de Pick, Dr. Armando Rodriquez, and Rene Nunez to name only a few of the people that have donated their papers. In his work as an author he has worked writing The Power of One a book about Enriques Morones and the work he has done with Border Angels Along with several others he is working to bring a House of Mexico to the San Diego Community.

1 Growing up in Los Angeles./attending college. / 2 Working in Chicano Studies. / 3 Author and Activist / 4 The future of the Chicano Archieves and the House of Mexico.