Sylvie is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, author and image
consultant for professionals who place great importance in themselves
and their powerful appearance. She helps individuals and companies to
explore how people make up their minds very quickly about you or your
leadership potential, and either open the door for you or slam it
shut. She has a multi-cultural background: Austrian by birth, French
in her heart, Italian in her kitchen, German in her work ethic, and
American by choice. Her life is rich with unique experiences, not to
mention the added joy of raising her two wonderful children with her
husband in New York City – this amazing place she is lucky enough to
call home.

In the first segment Sylvie and Kat talked about the definition of
‘People Packaging,’ why your external ‘Package’ is so important, how
to not present a false image and the similarities and differences
between product packaging and people packaging. Some of Sylvie’s great
tips in this segment were:

  • You can’t BE it if you can’t SEE it.
  • Wear Confidence; it is your best designer.
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Professional
  • Be Controlled; if you don’t control your story someone else will.

In segment two we covered how important the first 7 seconds are when
you meet someone, Sylvie’s FREE eBook download, “100 Ways to Make a
Powerful First Impression,” and some ways people make back first
impressions. Sylvie taught us how important the first 11 words are in
your first introduction, taking care of your digital footprint and how
looking like you ‘don’t care’ gives people the impression that you are
unable to care for them.

In segment three Sylvie and Kat talked about how to evaluate the first
impression you are giving now, the importance of telling your OWN
story versus allowing others to tell it for you, the ABCs of your
image and Sylvie’s book, “The Image of Leadership.” Sylvie’s ABCs of
image are:

  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Communication
  • Digital Footprint

In our last segment, we covered four of Sylvie’s core beliefs and her
teachings about them:

a.    You must look, behave and communicate like a leader long before
you are one. Act like a leader and it will be easier for you to feel
like one and become one.

b.    You’re always setting an example for every single person around
you at every moment. Leaders lead by example and always represent
themselves and their company.

c.    Your clothes speak very loudly. What you wear says something
about who you are, and whom you work for. People should judge you by
your cover – just because it’s an excellent one.

d.    Your professional imprint is the sum total of your appearance,
behavior, communication, and your digital footprint. Looking good is
not enough!