Because September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, the show is focused on the versatility of using life insurance in business settings as well as in personal settings.


Hear from Gabe Lindemann, who is a Senior Field Support Representative at LifePro Financial Services, Inc., one of the country’s largest Insurance Marketing Organizations.

Listen in as R. J.  & Gabe discuss the following topics:

Life Insurance in a Business Setting:

  • Life insurance to cover mortgages and loans;
  • Key person life insurance;
  • Funding buy-sell agreements with life and disability insurance;
  • Life insurance to equalize distribution of assets for children in the family business with children who are working outside of the family business;
  • Creating supplemental retirement income for key employees;
  • “Velvet handcuff” or “Golden handcuff” programs using life insurance;
  • Using the leverage of borrowing from banks to enhance the rate of return on life insurance owned by the business.


Life Insurance in a Personal Setting:

  • Life insurance to fund college instead of a Section 529 education savings plan;
  • Life insurance to secure personal notes and mortgages;
  • Life insurance to cover estate tax payments;

o   What size of estate is subject to Federal estate taxes today?o   What is an “Asset Replacement Trust” and what role does life insurance play in that?

  • Funding of supplemental retirement income (with and without using leverage to enhance the yield or return on assets);
  • Life insurance to fund charitable gifts;
  • Life insurance to protect family assets and keep special assets in the family (such as a home, beach property, timeshare, etc.)

Tune in for answers to the above topics and more!

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