Guest: Adam Urbanski

Adam: “I’m Adam Urbanski, give me a couple dollars.”
Steve: “Did you just say cocoa and sand?”


1 The Rant #2 - No Jacks On iPhone 7; Time Warner or AT&T; Watching Football On Twitter?; Reinventing Technology
2 2 - The Cool Accent Came From Orange County; Stola Stola!; $6 Shoes For My Girlfriend And $194 in His Pocket Leaving Poland; 3 - Rich Doesn't Remember His Friends By Religion; Hired By A Russian Hungarian Jew As A Baker; He Became A Life Coach In 2000; Being Hungry Enough To Spot The Opportunities 4 - Transitioning From Employee To Owner; The Great Urbanski; Lack Of Confidence Is A Driving Factor; Talking the Walk