Guest Identified –

Jakada Imani is the director of Ignite Institute at the Pacific School of Religion (PSR). Ignite trains, supports, and inspires spiritually rooted changemakers who are working to create a world where we all can flourish. Prior to joining PSR, Jakada served for 6 years as Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. He also serves on the Board of Compton Foundation and the OneLife Institute and is a member of Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. Jakada was born and raised in Oakland, California. He is the father to four powerful and creative young girls. Follow Jakada on Twitter at @jakada_imani.

Overview of episode

Nature demands social transformation. And, we many individuals and groups are meeting the demand. But, what is man’s role in this transformed society? Where does God, or your higher power fit in? Who are we being called to be, as men?

Listen to host Pete Saunders talk with Jakada Imani about cultivating a spiritual practice that leads to personal and social transformation. Hear Jakada talk about his experience and awakening from working with incarcerated youth. Be warned. Although Jakada has faith in God, he is not your traditional Christian. Enjoy!

Segment 1: The search for God
Segment 2: The spiritually-rooted activist
Segment 3: Discovering your spiritual truth
Segment 4: Cultivating your spiritual practice