Host, Nina Woodard, CEO Nina E Woodard & Associates and Past President of SDSHRM speaks with Ms. Nicole Price. Nicole is the CEO at Lively Paradox which exists to help everyone find their passion, purpose and ideal position of influence. She’s the author of the best-kept secret in the diversity and inclusion space, Lively Paradox: An Authentic Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion. It provides an honest evaluation of our current reality and, without shame, presents Nicole’s four key principles to success in work and life — even when surrounded by people who may not see the world exactly as you do. A gifted speaker, consultant and author, she has captivated large audiences since she was five years old, and all you need to know about that is that she’s received standing ovations while delivering seemingly benign topics to presumably tough audiences.

Nicole is certified in Lominger 360, Myers-Briggs, Fierce™, Reality-Based Leadership™, and is a Certified Facilitator of InsideOut Development™ . She works with the best and brightest in the field of leadership development across academia, non-profit, and private business sectors.
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1 How Can HR Have a Positive Impact on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace?
2 Short and Long Term Lasting Solutions
3 How Do Learning Styles Come into Play?
4 What Does Lively Paradox Offer and How Can You Stay Connected to Their Message?