1 Nations Develop with IoT
Peggy Smedley talks about the potential for IoT in assisting developing nations in social and economic problems. She says these areas of the world will contribute greatly to development of IoT infrastructure to combat civil unrest, pollutions, and natural disasters, while improving areas such as healthcare and education.


2 Repurposing Smart Building
Eric Hall, chief innovation officer, Site 1001, explains how operational continuity and streamlined processes are essential to the success of a smart building. He says the smartest buildings are often the ones that go unnoticed and says tools like BIM (building information modeling) are enabling more collaboration and data sharing on the construction of connected infrastructure.

3 Business Models Transform
Magy Kramer, digital and technology marketing manager, Caterpillar, talks about how the IoT is enabling manufacturers to offer connected services and predictive analytics or maintenance solutions to improve the bottomline. She says this new business model for customers and dealers leads to a better relationship and better management of machine data.

4 Critical Points in Infrastructure
James Carlini, president, Carlini & Associates, discusses how mission-critical solutions will become important in smart buildings and connected campuses. He says infrastructure must be built out to handle new networks that accommodate for new device and data traffic.