Do you own or manage a business? Or, are you a supervisor or leader in your company responsible for other employees, and their work effort? How do you get employee engagement today … with millenials and the other generations? Listen as Charlie Martin, an executive coach and leadership development facilitator joins us on the program, along with entrepreneur, Nate Leathers. Charlie has a rich experience working with company owners and managers to develop the culture – the consistency of what is expected from employees – and clear communication of how they are doing in regards to expectations. Nate’s company is growing at “only” 100% this year (last year revenues were up over 150%). They hired Charlie three years ago for help in creating an employee engagement program with specific processes to measure and reward employee performance. 

Nate can be reached at Green Guard Services, (619) 488-1065 or Charlie Martin can be reached at Think-Change, (214) 869-6148 or … and no, I didn’t leave the “m” off of “co”! 

The Wealth Building Hour is co-hosted by R. J. Kelly, ChFC, CLU, IAR, RICP, MSFS who is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. is recognized as the nation’s premier organization for assisting clients in successfully navigating significant business, life, and legacy issues while creating long-standing and mutually profitable relationships. They provide a unique and multi-disciplinary planning experience to exceptional business owners, professionals, executives and their families using a comprehensive team approach. R. J. and the Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. tribe can be reached via email or contact the office at (800) 975-5355.

1 What does "employee engagement" mean to the average business owner or manager today?
2 Why is having a clear process and communicating your expectations to employees critical for employee engagement?
3 How to create a performance and rewards system that actually engages employees?
4 The importance of a clear purpose - clearly communicating what is expected from employee's - monthly & quarterly feedback to employee's - and clearly identifying what's in it for the employee