This program discussed the current DACA program The three guest are Elizabeth Camarena Associate Director of Casa Cornelia, Yunen Mora Associate Attorney in the office of Lilia Velasquez and Alejandra Garcia herself a DACA recipient. The Presidents decision to do away with DACA has changed the hopes and dreams of over 800,000 recipients. Renewals must be completed by the first part of October 5 and because of this limited time there is no room for errors. The cost of renewal is 495 dollars and could make it impossible for many recipients to renew their applications. Both Elizabeth and Yunen are attorneys. and will focus on the process and the DACA policy. There may be other avenues these people can take but without legal advise they may not be aware of these options. Especially touching and informative is Alejandra;s story of being unable to see her mom who live less than 20 miles from San Diego in Tijuana. Both Elizabeth and Yunen will give you information on how to work through the DACA process. There are many sites that will offer financial support for the processing fee for DACA.

1 The three discuss their childhood in Imperial Valley and San Diego County / 2 Achieving the American Dream. and living in terror. / 3 Following the process to qualify for DACA. How to find information. / 4 What happens now?