Soundoff #1
Mercury is in retrograde
The dos and don’ts of mercury retrograde
Fuck that planet!

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Choices, Challenges, and Chances

Steve shares feedback from a reader of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do. The letter creates a discussion around whether it is our choices, chances, or challenges that have the biggest impact on our lives.

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Soul-full Sunday
Where and what is this higher power?

Mary’s back to pick up the discussion from last week’s topic with Steve and Richard on whether or not there is a need for spirituality in your life. Steve questions where this higher power is in all of the destruction that’s going on in the world. Mother Nature comes into play. What and where is this higher power? Mary questions Steve on how it’s working for him not to have a God?

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Soundoff #2
Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

It’s all about cryptocurrency in this episode of the Soundoff. The Reinvention Radio Crew explain what’s it about and how it works.

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