What are the issues regarding Cohesion within the group and why do you ask for a coach? – Veronica Gomez, President of Gomez and Associates.

Veronica Gomez has 15 years in the legal compliance field of human ressources both in the USA and Mexico. In the USA, Veronica has created a consulting niche, working for large companies (over 2,000 employees)who are predominantly spanish
speaking.Executives often hir her services in order to be more effective.
Veronica is an alumni at UC San Diego and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Organizational Development.

02 GROUP DYNAMICS : Need for interaction. Clarify the rules & roles. Establish cohesion.

03 GROUP DYNAMICS: Conformism.
How to identify Conformism. How to encourage a new dynamics within the group. Importance of affinity, personal expectations,common goals, no fears.


GROUP DYNAMICS: Cohesion issues.
GROUP DYNAMICS: Need for interaction.
GROUP DYNAMICS: Executive summary
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