Jeffrey Toering has “always thought that there8217;s something fundamentally wrong about a sommelier uncorking a bottle of premium wine with a cheap waiter8217;s friend” and I must agree. “This small niggling thought has led me on a 12 year journey to design, refine and manufacture what I believe to be the most artistically engineered, user-friendly, durable and reliable wine knife purely dedicated to both wine service and serious wine connoisseurs. The word 8216;Code8217; refers to dress-code, and the number 38 was my age when I finally arrived at the final design concept for the Code38. A professional wine knife that was both elegant and intuitive to use8230;. and had a longer shelf life than the most lovingly cellared cab sav. Achieving this however has been no mean feat. I travelled the world searching for the best wine knives, read books dedicated to the humble corkscrew and engaged in all manner of conversations (including the great closure debate) with wine enthusiasts

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