01 Uber Drives IoT Forward
Peggy says Uber is in the middle of setting itself up for something big in both the enterprise and consumer space, and explains Uber has become more of a technology company with one move. She talks about how autonomous vehicles are emerging in ride sharing. She says Uber is the “cool” company helping to “normalize” the idea that cars can and will drive themselves someday, perhaps even someday soon.
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02 Intelligent Traffic Systems
Marcus Welz, CEO, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems, says there is no industry embracing innovation more than the transportation industry, and the vehicle themselves will become traffic information generators. He explains the whole innovation in the transportation industry is driven by the connected vehicle space.
03 Industry and Government Must Work Together
Peggy explains why it is important to understand how we are going to connect these roads and infrastructure. Technology companies and government need to come together to discuss how we are going to build the infrastructure and create autonomous vehicles, she explains.
04 Smart, Integrated Infrastructure
Maryline Daviaud Lewett, business development manager, Smart Integrated Infrastructure, Black & Veatch, says we are seeing new types of transportation today, with new electric and hybrid vehicles are coming on the market today. She says the new generation of autonomous cars are coming on the market, and in parallel a lot of companies are focusing on public transportation.