01 Money, Distracted Driving, and ADEPT Driver
Peggy Smedley discusses issues involving federal grant money designated for road safety which is going unused, and completes her discussion with Richard Harkness, CEO, ADEPT Driver.
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02 Different Aspects of Distracted Driving
Jennifer Smith, executive director, StopDistractions.org, talks about her organization, regional concerns about distracted driving, and breaking the habit of using the cellphone when driving.
03 Situational Awareness and Distracted Driving
Jay Anderson, executive director, Stay Alive…Just Drive, tells who the biggest distracted driving offenders are, the importance of stopping a vehicle, and how to practice situational awareness.
04 Employers and the Importance of Road Safety
Jack Hanley, executive director, Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, explains what NETS is, why employers need to pay attention to road safety, and critical areas associated with driver road safety programs.br> www.driversafety.com