Our guest, Janis Whitaker, Executive Director, has been with VetCTAP since its inception. She shares the magic of the program, the value to the veterans and the programs remarkable success rate of 90% placement for program participants. These placements are in the careers or jobs the Veterans wanted to pursue and with a compensation structure that was appropriate. Improving the workplace for everyone.

Janis shared the story of the founding of the program, which was the result of the real life experiences of Ms. Sandra Fichter. A veteran, Sandra experienced a volume of information and materials as she exited her own military career and realized that there is information overload and still there was a gap between what she needed to know to be employable and what she had learned. She launched the VetCTAP program with a professionally developed curriculum that, experienced over time, helps the veterans present themselves and be confident of the knowledge, skill and ability they bring to a position.
The program also connects employers with qualified candidates.
VetCTAP is a gift to North County, which engages the HR and business community and leads to stronger employability and excellent resources for employers. The program has expanded to Rancho Bernardo and will be expanding to San Diego Area soon.

1 Introduction to VETCTAP and its mission. / 2 The Founder's Story and Key Elements of program success / 3 Tools for employer's to connect with Veteran Talent / 4 How the program sustains itself (it is FREE to the Veterans) and how you can engage and be of assistance!