1 VinVillage produces the first "VinVillageRadio" broadcast on May 7, 2008. In partnership with Wine & Dine Radio, veteran internet radio host, Lynn Krielow Chamberlain introduces Rob Barnett, CEO & Founder, of VinVillage, 'A Social Organization For Wine Loves.' Barnett, a 20+ year former techie, talks about ways for wine lovers to connect, share and experience, online and in person.
2 VinVillageRadio interview from August 27, 2008. California independent film-makers specialize in hand-crafted movies. It's no mistake that Bottle Shock's Producer Jody Savin includes the French word for wine in her last name! Along with Director-husband Randy Miller, they fell in love with the dysfunctional Barrett family of Napa Valley and their immensely juicy story set in 1976 that catapulted Chateau Montelena into the international spotlight. Savin and Miller found an unlikely hero in Paris wine educator/retailer the English-born Steven Spurrier. We know how the wine story ends. Learn how Bottle Shock interprets the journey.
3 VinVillageRadio interview from December 9, 2009. Aussie Left-Handed Winemaker Highly Advises Everyone to 'Do The Molly Dooker Shake'. For 12 years, Sparky Marquis (pronounced Mar-kwis) has been WOWing wine fans around the world with his award-winning Australian wines made for such brands as Fox Creek, Henry's Drive, Parsons Flat, Shirvington, Marquis Philips, Integrity, and now Mollydooker, Adelaide, South Australia. Along with his wife, Sarah, they are responsible for crafting four of only 24 Australian wines to receive 99 points from Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate in the last 10 years. Starting in 2005, Mollydooker Wines became the only wines that Sarah and Sparky make. What separates Mollydooker wines from the pack, the answer is "It's our Watering Programme and Fruit Weight, mate."
4 VinVillageRadio interview from May 26, 2010. Fourth Generation Donny Sebastiani Co-Chairs the 'NextGen Wine Competition' for Millennials. Don Sebastiani & Sons, the Next Generation in Wine, is a negociant of upscale, moderately priced varietal wines that are sourced from some of the best growing regions worldwide. The company produces sophisticated, innovative wine brands that not only appeal to today's wine enthusiasts, but also to the palates of the next generation of wine consumers. Don & Sons largest volume brands include Smoking Loon and Pepperwood Grove. In addition, the company has introduced a portfolio of appellation driven brands including Flock, The Crusher, SKN, B Side, and Aquinas Napa Valley. Don & Sons winery operation is located in the Napa Valley with executive offices in the Sonoma Valley.