Segment 1 – Biography
On this edition of the Doug Noll Show, we have with us Ginny Morrison.  Ms. Morrison recently joined Karuna Center for Peacebuilding as its Program Manager, after more than 17 years of experience in conflict transformation domestically and internationally. She has conducted assessments and designed and co-led multi-year projects involving community reconciliation, dialogue, trauma resilience and leadership throughout West Africa and East Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Ms. Morrison has consulted with Amnesty International; Public Conversations Project; and a range of universities, prison systems and US health care systems. As a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, she has co-led efforts to incorporate trauma-informed practice into all of MBB’s programming.

Her fieldwork has included building refugee youth’s resilience to the pull to fight in South Sudan’s civil war, integrating former child soldiers and sex slaves into post-conflict Liberian communities, and providing technical assistance to Kenyan pastoralist communities severely impacted by lethal inter-tribal violence. She has mentored local NGOs developing interfaith coexistence and trauma resilience in Northern Nigerian communities devastated by Boko Haram, helped strengthen networks of women throughout Iraq, and oversaw major reform of mental health care and parole revocation practices in California’s prisons.


Segment 2 – Ebola Crisis

In this segment, Doug and Ginny speak about how the Ebola Crisis was handled. The handling of the disease created a significant setback that allowed the disease to spread. Also discussed is the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding and its purpose.


Segment 3 – Establishing the Norm

In this segment, Ginny and Doug speak about reestablishing social norms among human beings with the breakdowns and challenges all while trying to instill the norms in people. Ginny is a huge fan of working with the right messenger. Utilizing local and influential people that are trusted is the approach used. They are treated as spokespeople. This helps the project to connect with the people. Great segment and a must listen.


Segment 4 – Young Mediators

In the last segment, Doug asks Ginny the question of the future of our young mediators and how to continue to service humanity. Listen here where Ginny has ideas of putting to work the young minds and creating jobs for these younger members of the mediation world.