Host, Nina E. Woodard, SPHR, GPHR, MBA, Chief ‘N’ Sights Officer, Nina E. Woodard & Associates
Guest, Blair Baker, CIO, 1903 Industries

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1 Introduction of Speaker and Topic
Nina and Blair continue discussing a topic from an earlier episode by discussing modern cyber security issues. They kick off this week’s discussion with a brief summary of what people mean when they discuss “The Cloud,” in regards to computing. This segues into discussions about the future of office technology and how the cloud works into these paradigms. Blair also discusses phishing and the very real threat that the practice represents.
2 Knowing What You Don’t Know
The subject of this portion of the program is the question of knowing what you don’t know. Blair’s first answer to this question is to educate oneself on the subject, preferably by sitting down with a company expert. He also insists that they “talk in the language of business,” i.e., simpler terms. Blair also suggests that the IT department be involved with as much decision making as is necessary. The pair also discuss the necessity of trust when working with people who require access to a remote desktop like professional technical assistants.
3 Workplace Policies and Questions to Ask
Nina and Blair discuss the concept of Acceptable Use for computers in the workplace. Baker insists upon the necessity of a company handbook or a notice included with a new employee’s orientation concerning the company’s standards of use. The pair also discuss the creation of these policies, and the importance of involving IT in the process of creating them. In this way, the most effective way to create a piece of modern policy is to create a discussion about the problem and find a solution through collusion.
4 Critical Steps
This portion of the program begins with a review of the cyber security discussion. Blair also reviews the idea of patching software and making sure that all of your security software is as up to date as possible in the work place. From here the discussion transitions into an explanation of anti-virus software including recommendations on the most effective products and the necessity of making sure that all devices are protected, not just computers.