1 Infrastructure Comes Clean
Peggy Smedley looks at how developing nations are leveraging sensors to manage rising flood and precipitation levels that can cause extensive damage to infrastructure. She also talks about data taken by smart meters that can assess hand washing habits to allow for better water and sanitation practices.
2 Sensors Down to a Science
Charlie Catlett, director, Urban Center for Computation and Data, and senior computer scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, discusses work being done by scientists and researchers to bring sensor technologies to major cities. In term of research, he talks about the challenges of bringing smart city ideas to life and taking into consideration the impact these solutions will have on the community.
3 Piloting City Solutions
Brenna Berman, executive director of City Digital, UI Labs, talks about solutions that are helping cities to better manage the logistics and transportation of people, goods, vehicles, and much more. When it comes to pilot solutions, she explains the importance of staring off small, with the goal of solving bigger, complex problems.
4 Collaborating on Utilities
Shay Bahramirad, vice president of new initiatives, IEEE, and director of distribution system planning, smart grid, and innovation, ComEd, explains why a collaboration between customers, businesses, governments, and municipalities is important for the development of smart utility solutions for major cities. She points out that interoperability and security present technical challenges to the development and management of city data.