#DailyDialoguewithDorisRadioShow offers a heart-warming and informative show titled: “They spell the word “LOVE”= R.O.W.A.N, Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network”
This is a story of two people, who had never met each other in person and yet became friends from two opposite ends of the world… Host Doris Rivas-Brekke, a recent widow at the time
in 2010 Los Angeles, California and Pastor Paul Nyende, the founder of ROWAN, in Uganda, Africa!
On this show, joined by co-founder, Kelsey Young Hargadine, who is based in Colorado, will speak about the orphans and widows AIDS ministry and their latest big project to take the ministry to the next level, with the building of a community center called the “Hall of Hope”! A truly amazing story of God’s Love!!!

And Fall is offically here in Southern California and host Doris Rivas-Brekkehas been all over the place attending events and learning about some of the latest political news that is going on in the beautiful city of San Diego and throughout the great state of California and the United States!! What a show this turned out to be!! Definitely worth your time to listen…This show is proudly sponsored by Fantastic Sams “4”salons in San Diego,California: “Downtown” El Cajon, Santee,Napa St in San Diego and San Carlos.
God bless our President Trump and God bless America!!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke does her monologue
2 Doris introduces headline guests Pastor Paul Nyende & Kelsey Hargadine
3 Doris, Pastor Paul & Kelsey
4 Doris, Pastor Paul & Kelsey