Welcome to the first this week in marketing podcast of 2019! We are so happy to be back this year and have a wonderful line up of speakers ready to rock this year.

Today we are coving a very fun topic: Branding & Communication! 

While we have covered branding and communications before, we wanted to look at this monstrous topic a break down a crucial aspect of it: Strategic Communications

Our guest today is Jack Chirrick of Now You Know

Jack is the principal of Now You Know, a marketing communications company working with nonprofits and small to mid-sized for profit corporations to help them develop sustainable communications activities supporting their business goals. With more than two decades of strategic communications and leadership experience, Jack adopts an integrated marketing communications approach by aligning public relations, marketing, and advertising activities across multiple channels to create brand consistency and cohesive messaging to build strong relationships with target constituencies.


Segment Topics: 

  • Segment 1: What is a Strategic Communications Plan anyway?
  • Segment 2: Best Practices for Communicating with a target audience
  • Segment 3: Building marketing collateral
  • Segment 4: Defining success and ROI


Listen to the full show below:


Jack was generous enough to provide some awesome resources for further reading. Check them out below:

  • Strategic Communications Planning for Public Relations and Marketing: Book Here
  • Strategic Communication (New Agendas in Communication Series): Book Here
  • The New Rules of Marketing and PR: Book Here
  • Article from IABC on Communication: Article Here

Thanks for listening and happy 2019!

About the Host:

Sam Wheeler is the host of the This Week in Marketing podcast and loves to chat about everything Digital. He is currently a business consultant with Inseev Interactive in San Diego and has spent the several last years working on improving the digital channels of big businesses and small disrupters. His current projects include a home service app called HouseCall Pro.