1 AI Augments Work
Peggy says the workplace is changing, thanks to AI (artificial intelligence), explaining that the old model of work won’t apply in the future. At the same time, we need to keep in mind where jobs are lost, jobs are created, and we need to look beyond how AI is going to automate away some of the jobs, but how it is going to help people too.
2 IoT Plug and Play
Peggy and Olivier Bloch, principal program manager, Azure IoT developer ecosystem, Microsoft, sit down to discuss how traditional industries are migrating to connected industries. He explains how industries will overlap, merge, and collaborate better—and soon we will see new businesses and even new industries. He explains how IoT Plug and Play and the digital twin fit into this evolution.
3 Trusting AI
Peggy and Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, answer the question: Do people with more experience trust AI (artificial intelligence)? They identify how to make AI more trustworthy in every part of our lives, saying that it has to consistently work and there needs to be public awareness when it is being used.