1 Chatbots and Conversational AI
Is it ethical to use AI (artificial intelligence) that pretends to be human? Is it right to give someone a machine when they want or, at least think they want a human? Peggy says many organizations are realizing the benefits of automated self-services, with predictions that the market will grow. Still, she asks the tough questions including: Is it ethical?
2 Optimizing Data
Peggy and Roger Brooks, chief scientist, Guavus, talk about distributed AI and how to optimize how to route data. He says latency is key and one of the big challenges with IoT devices is they aren’t going to be on the physical premise. He suggests we need to figure out and predict issues that IoT devices might be facing and to maintain the health of the IoT device, with reduced cost.
3 Three Cs of Construction
Peggy and Marcel Broekmaat, director of product management, connect applications, Trimble, talk about lagging productivity in construction and how the three Cs—constructible, content enabled, and connected—can help. He explains how to connect construction projects and that there are wins for all parties involved in construction.