1 AI Collides with Automotive
Peggy gives some examples of how AI (artificial intelligence) is impacting transportation and healthcare. From a new pilot from Ford to Kia Motors contributing a big chunk toward a $25 million funding round for a startup developing an autonomous transportation-as-a-service platform, she details some example. She also shares how technology can help alleviate people’s suffering and innovations in healthcare.
2 Connected in the Bathroom
Peggy and Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda and executive chairman of CareOS, discuss the pros and cons of connectivity in the bathroom. He shares his technology journey and how a connected platform for the bathroom can enable the use of all services on the phone, without privacy concerns. Peggy challenges him if we need connectivity in the bathroom, and he says that instead of hiding the problem, this tries to tackle it, and that we need to deal with connectivity in the bathroom in a way that is secure.
3 An Autonomous Future
Are we ready for an autonomous future? Peggy and Sandeep Sovani, global director of automotive & ground transportation industry, ANSYS, talk about concerns and trust of autonomous vehicles. He says some people have concerns, but there is still a lot of optimism and that the technology is maturing. He says within 5-10 years the autonomous technology will be ready.