1 A Transparent Smart Grid
Peggy Smedley explains how power operations and the ability to monitor potential outages are driving factors in smart-grid adoption. As energy use is set to increase drastically, she looks at how the IoT will enable smart grids to be more transparent by isolating incidents remotely and automatically igniting the restoration process.
2 On the Defense of Metadata
James Scott, senior fellow and cofounder, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, discusses why healthcare, energy, and financial sectors remain vulnerable areas in critical infrastructure. He says reform is needed within the IoT to protect the use of metadata as a means to weaken American critical infrastructure.
3 Utilities Automate Industrial IoT
Peter Martin, vice president of innovation and marketing, Schneider Electric, says the IoT is often being overlooked by industrial organizations that are having difficulties incorporating it with automation. He points out that it is up to energy and utility providers to step up and be the ones to drive change within the industry.
4 Municipalities Do the Robot
Joshua Peschel, professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, discusses how human-robot interactions are emerging within municipalities and other utility systems. He explains how we will grow accustomed to using robots like the way we use appliances.