There is a Photo exhibit at USD. The focus of this exhibit is the farmworkers movement, Cesar Chavez, and the many people that were involved. Carlos and Linda LeGerrette moved from San Diego to live and work with Cesar Chavez. They moved to La Paza in 1972 and worked along the Felipino brothers to assure the success of the farmworkers movement. The pictures are amazing however Carlos does not consider himself a photographer and how he ended up taking all these historical pictures will be part of this story. Dr. Albeto Pulido will talk about how this exhibit came to be and what the University has done not only to make this display possible but to support it.

1 Carlos talks about his role in the farm worker movement.
2 What were the highlights of working next to and with Cesar Chavez
3 Whose idea was it to establish this exhibit? How did it come to be?
4 Will there be future exhibits ? What would Albeto like to see happen with this exhibit? What are Carlos plans for all of his pictures?