Fall is the time of year where you uncover your roots. This episode we really dive in to what that even means.

Join us for the hour where we challenge you to wrap your mind around taking blameless inventory of what is so in life, how it’s gone, and what is present. Do you find yourself still haunted by your past actions? Are you filled with shame around your vices, addictions, or compulsive behavior? US TOOO!

This episode we talk in depth about how our “addictions” show up. Practice re-framing and looking through a new lens of how it’s served us in life thus far and really get us curious about what was missing underneath it all.

My guest, Shelleen, and I are a part of a Woman’s Empowerment House called Shakti Rising, in Sunny San Diego. Here is where this Indigenous material has been passed down for 17 years and is modeled to a dozen women in the comfort of our own home around a few couches challenging our every belief system and motive. The women here are inspired and called to find their truths, empower ourselves as women, and live with purpose as Change Leaders in our community and throughout our journey in life.