1 Assembling Grid Standards
Peggy Smedley takes a look at the development of smart-grid awareness and standards overseas. She says that piecing different standards together will not hold up for the future and explains that different utility equipment must be able to cooperate with one another with ease.
2 Healthier Buildings, Healthier Living
Saifur Rahman, founding director, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, says that in order to make buildings healthy, there must be an understanding of how to better use energy as opposed to just aiming for more efficiency. He explains that building owners must be aware of energy and carbon level changes that may occur during retrofitting that may impact inhabitants.
3 Transforming Machine State
David Shannon, business development manager, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, dives into the integration of data analytics within manufacturing and the marine industry. He talks about the importance of optimization compliance when walking the line between sufficient fuel usage and equipment maintenance.
4 Car, Connectivity, and the Cloud
Katherine Winter, vice president, Automated Driving Group, Intel, talks about managing data centers and the cloud for autonomous vehicles. She discusses the importance of partnerships, test trials, and revaluating regulatory standards within the industry before widespread consumer adoption begins.