This program deals with the Chicano Studies Program at San Diego State University. The guest at Dr. Isidro Ortiz and Dr. Roberto Hernandez. both of whom teach Chicano Studies at SDSU. Isidro grew up in Texas and Roberto from San Ysidro Calif. Both men come from families that encouraged education though they themselves did not have a high level of education. Isidros mother lead a group of parents protesting the removal of a Mexican American Principal that had supported parents to visiting the classroom The new principal and Anglo announced that parents were not to come and observe in the classroom. They flooded the school administrations with calls protesting this new rule and it was quickly changed. Roberto had some problems in Senior English and his mother advocated for him with the school administration. Chicano studies provides a different prospective on history. Isidro faced tremendous racism in Texas and talks about when he reflects on those days he feel angry and depressed.. Mexican American in high school were encouraged to look at vocational classes instead of college prep classes. Roberto says that though he was used to seeing the border patrol run past his classroom window chasing some undocumented person the killing spree at the McDonalds in San Ysidro had an influenced on him wanting to know mor about his culture and history. He wondered why someone would hate a group of people. A variety of people take Chicano studies though the largest group are Mexican and Mexican American that want to learn about their culture and their history.