01 Battle of the Ecosystems
Live from Renesas DevCon, Amrit Vivekanand, vice president automotive, Renesas Electronics America, says it is a battle of ecosystems out there right now, and Renesas, for example, is showing commitment to the space. He says technology is there for most aspects of autonomous driving, and the challenge is integrating all the pieces together.
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02 The Core of Automated Driving
Josh Hartung, CEO, Harbrick, talks about his software platform that helps build autonomous cars, saying it is a core part of what Renesas is offering in terms of highly automated driving. He talks about algorithms that are experimental and bringing them into something that is safe and secure for production use.
03 Creating a Better User Experience
Mike Juran, CEO, Altia, says it started in the embedded space and the automotive space grew as it grew. He explains the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are thinking about what drivers want and what differentiates them and there is a whole lot of technology that people are thinking about, especially when comparing to consumer devices. He talks specifically about mixing augmented reality with the windshield.
04 Aggressive IoT Growth
Mark Bartolomeo, vice president Internet of Things, M2M connected solutions, Verizon Wireless, says one of the areas that has taken off aggressively is anything in the energy industry, such as the smart grid. He also sees growth in transportation, and an emerging industry is AG tech, especially on the west coast.