The focus for this show is the community colleges and in specific Southwestern College. at What are the advances of starting you college career at a two year university? Guest. Norma Hernandez current Trustee of Southwestern College and past president of SW college. Kathy Tyner Vice President of Academic Affairs and Freda Hernandez student trustee on the board. What is the process to transfer to a 4 year university. Community colleges in California are the largest community colleges . Reaching out to parents of high school students.

1 Norma Hernandez - The road to becoming a trustee.
2 Kathy Tyner Vice President of academic affairs- What programs do you offer to support students? How do direct parent to understand the affordability of college?
3 Freda Hernandez. a high school drop out finding success at Southwestern.
4 What are the next steps for Southwestern college? Bond issue.