01 Exciting Opportunities for the IoT
Live from Renesas Electronics DevCon, Ali Sebt, president, Renesas Electronics America, says in order to traverse from what we do today—collecting data and displaying information or transferring data—to monetize what is known as IoT (Internet of Things) requires going to the next step and garnering intelligence from it. The exciting opportunity is all of a sudden we can enable new services, he continues.
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02 Future for Key Verticals
Ali Sebt, president, Renesas Electronics America, continues the discussion, saying Synergy is a very flexible platform and enables you to design your end machine and compartmentalize it for the various requirements. He talks about a futuristic medical bed at the show and the future of healthcare, energy, and other key verticals.
03 Quickly Connecting Devices
Peter Carbone, vice president, IoT business unit, Renesas Electronics America, talks about the Synergy platform, saying what makes it exciting is putting all the pieces together to connect a device very quickly with little upfront costs. He says the company heard very specific concerns from customers and it listened and determined internally how to solve them.
04 Unique Products in the Marketplace
Amrit Vivekanand, vice president automotive, Renesas Electronics America, joins the show to discuss the excitement from the show and what he is hearing from partners. Vin D’Agostino, vice president general purpose products unit, Renesas Electronics America, adds the excitement from the show is that everyone feels like someone has heard them and they feel empowered to make their product unique in the marketplace.