Hear from Ryan Dykmans, who is the Director of Research at Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc. (http://www.dunham.com/), and Frank M. Antalek, who is the President and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Sage Hill Advisory and Management, LLC (http://sagehilladvisory.com/).
Listen in as R. J., Ryan & Frank discuss the following topics:

•       What’s been going on in the market?  Why so volatile as of late?
•       Is this an usual situation?
•       What impact will the upcoming elections have on investments?
•       What impact will it have when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates?
•       The analogy of the “Acapulco cliff divers.”

Definitions and Know Your Client:
•       How determine a client’s risk tolerance?  How step into a client’s shoes?
•       What is an Investment Policy Statement and how is it used?
•       What are “Robo-advisory services?”
•       What are specific investment tools and what do they mean?
•       Importance of being clear on client objectives.

Portfolio Allocation:
•       How is this done?
•       How do non-correlated investments help?

Case Examples:
•       Married couple.
•       Single individual.

Tune in for answers to the above topics and more!

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