On Daily Dialogue with Doris WsRadio.com show, our show is titled “The People who make it happen in San Diego, California”. Host Doris Rivas-Brekke interviews founder of Water 4 Life MinistryRudy Shaffer. He tells us about his charity event that he is hosting Saturday, October 17th. This is the Water 4 Life Ministry’s 4th annual fundraiser to raise funds to save children’s lives around the world with the amazing “Water Filter”…Also on the guest card, “San Diego’s Goodwill Ambassdor of Magic”, the one and only “Magic Mike Stilwell“. “Magic Mike” will discuss his popular book the “Entertainer’s Handbook”. Co-hosting tonight will be Amwell North America representative,Dana Towers.
Not only will this show be informative, it will be fun!!

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1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke, co-host, Dana Towers & Water 4 Life Ministry founder, Rudy Shaffer
2 Doris, Dana & Rudy
3 Doris, Dana & "Magic Mike" Stilwell
4 Doris, Dana & Mike