Thursday, Oct 13 episode of Ether Tale Radio Theatre
Finally, the finale of Christina Continelli’s most recent radio play!!

TALES OF THE BIZARRE II, Headless Spectator Sport, PART 3

Host: Scott Paulson
Live sound effects & music: Scott Paulson
Recorded sound effects and sound tech: Peter Flynn

Gabriel Pan as Lenny Skinard: a veteran reporter for the Greater Southern California Informer, still working a bush league paper because he has rattled too many cages over the years. Tough, cynical, friend to the underdog

Ellen Lawson as Margie Halper: Editor of the Greater Southern California Informer. A mature woman, toughened by the system but with a nose for spotting and fighting injustice. She is often beleaguered by Skinard’s antics, but trusts him, and has a grudging professional respect

Joe Skinner as Captain Updyke: Homicide investigator, older gentleman, curmudgeonly, near retirement, and has no patience for Skinard nosing around in his cases

Scott Paulson as Chet Nebbish: Chairman of The Del Mar Downs, and president of the racing commission

Ryan Severance as Tex Richman: Loutish, bajillionaire oilman, and horseracing aficionado

Ellen Lawson as Lady Blackpudding: Stuffy dowager, whose horse is competing with Tex Richman’s in the Del Mar Downs

Melanie Peters as Velvet Nationalé: Femme Fatale

Ryan Severance as Johnny Sawbuck: A down and out racetrack gambler

Melanie Peters as Ted: A talking horse that wants to break into journalism

Ryan Severance as Holographic Bing Crosby from the Future