Our guest, Mr. Sean Ring, is the Business Development Director for Innovative Employee Solutions in San Diego. seanwring@gmail.com

Sean brought a wealth of information about how the world of Talent Management and Staffing are being influenced by disruptive technologies and how the impacts of the changing view of jobs into work and the tasks involved allow for “gigs” to be tools for completion. Sharing information from the SIA (Staffing Industry Analyst) Sean presented trends and data that will changing the world of work as we know it.

1 The Gig Economy and what it means in HR and Talent circles today / 2 #shifthappens What is underpinning the paradigm shift and the rise of the contingent workforce / 3 What is the Human Cloud? How can the Human Cloud help my company today? / 4 Action steps - Take a Risk, dip your toe in the water and run a pilot using one of these cloud resources to fill your staffing need. Evaluate results!