This Freaky Friday the 13th Edition of Heart Empowered Women Radio has you question WHY?! What is YOUR Why? Why do you do this? How come? Do what? What was the reason you said yes to a goal, your career, exercising, a relationship? When we say “Yes” or “No” from an automatic place, we become easily swayed when times get tough.

Without taking a pause, expanding your consciousness, and challenging yourself to really dig deep for clarity around what actually motivates us to keep moving forward. This hour we hope to give you some food for thought and really have you challenge the context with which you are living your life form.

If we continue to try trudge through what is not working and hope that it magically changes, we may be doing that for our entire lifetime. But when you challenge yourself to shift the way in which you view your commitments, the commitments can change!

This hour Shelleen and I bring some wisdom from the book: Women Sex and Addiction to have you look at exactly what it is you do when times get tough and what ways you know to cope.