The Garagiste Festival showcases high-quality, cutting-edge, small production wineries or “garagistes” that produce fewer than 1,200 cases a year. With an estimated nearly 200 garagiste winemakers in the Paso Robles/Santa Ynez region alone, and an estimated 3,000+ nationwide, the Garagiste Festival surveyed the winemakers who are pouring at this year’s festival to paint a picture of these underground winemakers who, arguably, are making some of the best, most exciting and most innovative wines in the world. Douglas Minnick is a garagiste winemaker himself and Garagiste Festival Co-founder.

Janell Dusi was born and raised on the Dusi Vineyard in Paso Robles where her grandfather taught her the old world Italian style of winemaking. Her family’s heritage dates back to the early 1920’s and grape growing is a craft handed down from generation to generation. She hand picks her own fruit, and nurtures the wines from grapes and fermenting juice in bins to barrel and ultimately bottle. Her true passion is Zinfandel and her label is J Dusi Wines. She will be featured on November third at a “Taste of Garagiste: The Women of Garagiste” tasting in Templeton, California and will be participating in The Garagiste Festival, November 10th at Windfall Farms in Paso Robles.

Robert Merletti, Owner and Chairman of Vineyard & Winery Management, recently announced that George Christie, Founder and President of Wine Industry Network, will join Vineyard & Winery Management as Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his new role, Christie will continue to operate Wine Industry Network and will explore opportunities in which the two businesses can work together. While this is not a merger of V&WM and WIN, the alliance is a positive for industry suppliers, who will benefit from added exposure and expertise both in print and online.

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